Does Medicare Cover Gym Memberships?

Medicare Advantage plans may cover gym memberships or other fitness benefits like SilverSneakers that Original Medicare (Parts A and B) doesn't cover. Learn how to compare Medicare Advantage plans and their benefits.


While Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) does not cover gym memberships or fitness programs, private Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans may cover gym memberships or wellness programs like SilverSneakers. 

In fact, 99% of Medicare Advantage plans covered fitness benefits in 2023.

Medicare Advantage plans that cover gym memberships may not be available where you live. It's important to carefully review the benefits covered by plans that are available where you live.

Fitness Benefits Offered by Some Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans may offer a number of different types of fitness, wellness, health, fitness and exercise benefits. Programs like SilverSneakers, Silver&Fit and others can offer a range of perks, such as:

  • SilverSneakers Fitness Program: Offers seniors access to thousands of participating gyms nationwide along with group classes designed specifically for older adults.

  • Silver&Fit Exercise & Healthy Aging Program: Provides a wide range of fitness services, including gym memberships, home exercise kits, and workout videos.

  • Fitness center memberships: SilverSneakers and similar programs often partner with local gyms or national chains to offer free or discounted membership rates for their enrollees.

  • Fitness classes: Some plans may include group exercise classes like yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and strength training sessions at participating fitness centers.

  • In-home workout videos: For those who prefer exercising at home rather than going to a gym facility, certain plan providers offer in-home workout videos.

  • Nutrition counseling: In addition to physical activity support, some wellness programs may also include nutrition counseling.

To determine if your Medicare Advantage plan covers this or other fitness benefits, review the Summary of Benefits provided by your plan provider. You can also contact them directly to inquire about specific coverage details.

If you want to find Medicare Advantage plans that cover gym memberships, you can request a free plan quote or call to speak with a licensed insurance agent to compare local plans that may offer fitness benefits.

3 Tips for Seniors When Choosing A Gym

If you're looking for a new gym or visiting one for the first time, consider the following tips:

  • Evaluate accessibility: Make sure the gym has easy-to-use exercise equipment suitable for your range of motion and comfort level.

  • Inquire about fitness classes: Many gyms offer senior-specific fitness classes, such as chair yoga or low-impact aerobics.

  • Check for additional services: Some gyms may provide extra benefits like personal training sessions or nutrition counseling that can enhance your overall wellness journey.


While Original Medicare doesn't typically cover fitness center memberships, some Medicare Advantage plans may offer extra benefits like fitness programs and local gym access.

Request a free plan quote online or call to speak with a licensed insurance agent to learn more about Medicare Advantage plans that cover gym memberships. Find out if plans near you cover fitness benefits and find the best plan for your needs.

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